Freemasonry is a discipline that deals with enlightened thought. It isguided by esoteric principles that are encoded into Kabbalah, a mystery school dealing with the practise of alchemy.  This idea of enlightened thought is consistent with freemasonry design principles that are inspired by the architecture of the human form, central to understanding the relationship between mankind and civilisation.

The back of the US dollar bill can be seen as portraying the magnum opus of ancient alchemists revealing esoteric symbolism that is consistent with the idea of enlightened thought, with the hermetic axiom, as above so corresponds below, drawing much influence on the design principles of the US Seal.

The highly visible number 13 represents both rebirth and regeneration in freemasonry.                       
These two keystone ideas and their relationship to the number 13 have been preserved through the ages tying in with the central idea that is concealed within the grand architecture of human anatomy.

This masonic symbolism can be viewed as a testament to the knowledge encoded within Kabbalah on the subjects of natural geometry and human psyche transformation.

72+65= 137 33rd Prime number.

72 blocks on Pyramid, 65 feathers on Eagle. 

Surrounding Anagram MASON.33 Degrees in Freemasonry, 13 key number, 7 central number.

1/137 Fine Structure Constant.
Mystery light constant in physics refer Nobel prize winning Richard Feymann.

Last Supper.
13 people Christ is the 7th resurrects age 33.

Jewish Mysticism.
Letters in word Kabbalah add to 137 using Gematria, 33 symbolic number that lives on.

Key to Abrahamic religions, total of 304805 letters, reversed and added, 50+84+3=137.

Human Body.
6 Endocrine glands balanced by left and right hemispheres, thus 12.
7th in the centre of the brain, pineal gland, total 13.
33 spinal vertebrae, 9 fused at base 24 movable.

Thus 13, 7, 33.
Numbers that encode the Miracle of Light in both Ancient and Modern World.

216   Key number for the Temple of Solomon,  in Freemasonry symbolically built by Grand Architect Chiram.

Key number 13 found 12 times. Inside the US Seal.
Number 12 found 5 times. Outside the US Seal.

13*12  +  12*5 = 216

God. 72 3-lettered great names in Hebrew, 72*3= 216.

Beast. 6*6*6= 216 Carbon Element Organic Life, 6 proton 6 neutron 6 electron.

216 doubled and squared, Classical speed of light in Miles per second. 432^2=186,624

Above 13 star emblem.  
Below 9 tail feathers.

On the right. Phoenix symbolism with grail form wings, resurrect from the ashes.
On the left. Chief cornerstone refused by the builders, the missing capstone of illumination, eye of providence.

Above. Adjacent to the eye of providence, raised 13 star emblem at the head of the eagle.    
Below. 9 tail feathers. 9 fused vertebrae base of human spine, 9 arches to buried treasure of Enoch, divine logos.
Treasure of Enoch found through 9 arches into a subterranean vault, key esoteric mystery of freemasonry.
Eagle key symbol in freemasonry with a 13 star emblem above.
Logos raised and casted within the house of light from below. 13, as rebirth.

Above 13 Below 9, combined 22.
On the left wing 33 feathers, on the right 32.

22 Hebrew letters of the flame. 64 Movements in I Ching, yin and yang. (1)
22 Amino acids synthesised by 64 codon pairs of pyrimidines and purines. (1)
Hydrogen produces ATP by the dissociation of water through helical DNA strands, Nobel prize work of Szent Gyoragi. (2)
Key to light circulation, vortex geometry in both ancient and modern representations. 

Number 13 doubled 26. Great name IHVH Gematria adds to 26. (3)
26, Irons atomic Number. 137 atoms in Hematin, 137 atoms in Chlorophyll. (3)
0 valence in haemoglobin to magnetise water, periodic splitting and reforming of water molecule in human blood through free orbiting charge around central Iron atom. (4) (5)

Thus 137 and 216 are numbers describing process of converting light into energy, in both an ancient and modern context.
The dissociation of water in human DNA considered as the blueprint of energy, cannot be effectively replicated in laboratories.
Hydrogen is the central photic key, first element, elemental apex, providing the light for energy reactions.

Khemetian traditions such as Khemitology preserve the idea that dissociation of water occurred at the base of the Great Pyramid, symbolically mirroring human function.

Esoterically, the Great Pyramid is an architectural testament to the alchemists pursuit of the original language of light.
Pyramid means measure of light, pyra-mid meaning fire, the great word within pyramidal fire signifies the flame illuminating DNA.

This idea is visible in Paul Coehlo's The Alchemist, the flame signifies the balance of all, one light within as the Emerald tablet holds.
Thus the circulation of this light, breath of life, is central to the idea of transmutation, of all things above and below. 13, as regeneration.

On the left. Letters combine to 12, 216 plus 12, 228.
On the right.  Above, 28 rays surrounding 13 star emblem. Below, letters add to 17, total 45.

Anagram MASON 33 degrees, surrounding 72 step pyramid. 72+33=105

Full mathematic model relating 137 and 216 through the numbers 228 105 & 45 please follow link below, pages 7-11.

This model uses three key diagrams to explain the relationship of the fine structure constant to the speed of light, through the geometry of the Great Pyramid, using the numbers of gematria and sacred geometry(Also Dogon cosmology, 266 Amma seeds).

  • Solfeggio frequency scale, dual scales total 9990, 27 difference of paired frequencies, step up in 111 increments.
  • Prime number cross, 24 branches, mathematic interpolation of zodiac, numbers 137 and 144 are 105 degrees apart.
  • I Ching movements, revolution, magnetic circulation of light, 64*6=384 total of hexagrams, 192*27=5184 (precession).

(266-192)/2=37  Dogon cosmologic string number relates to total of I Ching hexagrams through key gematria number 37.
The numbers 37, 37*24=888 (Christ) are key gematrian numbers that can relate the fine structure constant to the speed of light through the number 228 105.

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Great Pyramid Dimensions. Bruce Cathie. 486ft 765ft 51.84. 480ft 756ft 5184.